Gandhi Automations Spearheading Operational Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing Loading Bay & Entrance Automation for the Rising E-commerce Industry

E-commerce is evolving to be the most feasible shop from home to the world; the smart way to do shopping for catching up with this fast-paced life. The time is far gone when it used to take 7-10 days for the ordered item to arrive. It has now come down to the next day to less than 4 hours in some special cases. The delay time in response of 4 hours has come down to less than 4 minutes.

Without a doubt, E-commerce has emerged as one of the biggest logistical cynosures of the century, from wholesalers to retailers every business model is adapting to operate and manage expectations of different kinds of customers more than ever.

E-commerce has changed the way we all shop, and Gandhi Automations Entrance Automation is adding intrinsic value to its seamless operations, warehousing and loading/unloading needs and solutions. Gandhi Automations entrance automation & loading bay solutions are nurturing warehousing & logistical industries from over a decade now.

Last financial year, Gandhi Automations aided the biggest shark in the E-commerce industry to help reduce their loading/ unloading time, adapting to their in-house operations and meeting their new expectations; as consumers are no longer willing to wait for 1 – 2 weeks for a delivery. Because of these fast delivery options, the warehouse and logistics industry are under high pressure to deliver the best in a short span.

Gandhi Automations High-Speed Doors are versatile and solid ensuring long-lasting reliability for fast-moving industries and goods like E-commerce. The modular structure of the curtains, assembled and joined by anodized aluminum extrusions, provides for a wide range of polyester sections available in a variety of colors. Wide, full-width window panels ensure a safer traffic and allow more light in. Their fast and easy replacement, in case of accidental tearing, saves money and time. The alternating metal tubular structure there inserted ensures high wind-resistance.

Prime High-Speed Doors are the ideal solution for internal and external entrances and effectively operate in any situation, even when strong winds are blowing and in rooms with high volume traffic. Sturdy and dependable, Prime is the intelligent door for medium and large entrances.

Due to the increasing demand in the Cold storage and FMCG warehousing facilities, Gandhi Automations launched Prime Freezer Doors which are specially curated to be sturdy, dependable and are the ideal solution where temperature control is critical and safety concerns are at a premium. The doors are manufactured with European collaboration and technology with innovative and creative engineering.

The high operating speed combined with an excellent seal optimizes the internal traffic flow and provide energy savings. Heavy-duty motor: 400V three phase, opening speed up to 2.5 m/s with inverter system. Suitable for both positive and negative temperature, operating temperature range +5 to -350 C. Prime Freezer Door has special double curtain construction with insulation.

The increased demand on the industry means that both upgrades to and construction of distribution premises are at a record high, and loading bay requirements are having to be reconsidered. E-commerce industry delivers goods faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost. Thus, this industry ought to possess entrance automation and loading bay equipments from a company like Gandhi Automations which not only intends to provide unbeaten quality and but also an unparalleled output.

The retractable PVC front panel Dock Shelters are commonly used. With its simplicity and efficiency, it grants for a constant payback of the investment. These are available for dock level installation or for ground level installation for the protection of doors without the dock. The front panels are made of high resistance black PVC reinforced with a double weaving of polyester that works like a spring in order to seal the vehicles of different shapes. The flaps are flexible and have very high wear and tear resistance. Designed to retract under the shock of any possible wrong maneuvers of the docking vehicles and extend when the vehicle drives away.

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