Importance of Fire Rated Rolling Shutters

If you are running a business, then you should be very careful regarding fire incidents. At that time fire protection systems are a fundamental necessity in running a business as fire can easily sweep away everything you have worked so hard for. It is one of the greatest enemies of various organizations, especially organizations including shopping centers, hospitals, school canteens, restaurants etc.

A proficient framework for fire prevention must be created to secure the business property against fire. Different sorts of equipment should work hand in hand to limit the damage that fires can cause. Our Fire rated rolling shutters are among the modern equipment that is used to compartmentalize a building in order to help prevent the fire from spreading. Only here you get the best fire rated rolling shutters!

Our organization is delicately engaged in the business of supplying Fire rated rolling shutters. It is manufactured using high grade galvanized steel, our whole range is planned in consistence with worldwide quality measures.

Fire Shutters / Doors by Gandhi automation are engineered carefully with feature below: –

Auto – Closing Mechanism

Fire doors / shutters designed by Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd are equipped with fusible link mechanism. Upon sensing a temperature of 74℃, the fusible link mechanism releases the brake of the motor and allows it to descend by gravity. The operating system can be directly wired for activation by fire alarm system or smoke detectors.

Sturdy Construction

Fire Doors / Shutters are constructed from cold rolled Galvalume / Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel laths with a minimum thickness of 0.9 mm. The interlocked profiles are securely held using specially designed profile ends which act as a curtain alignment system thus eliminating lateral movement of the profiles. Fire shutters / doors designed by Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd can resist fire up-to 4 hours. Gandhi and Warringtonfire (AUSTRALIA) Pty Ltd which comply with BS 476: Part 22: 1987 standards for stability and integrity for up to 4 hours.


Frequent inspection / maintenance of the components is of utmost importance. At Gandhi Automations our maintenance team checks that all parts continue to function correctly without compromise. Designed and constructed to suit a full range of industrial and commercial applications. All doors are provided complete with electric operation and normally linked to the fire alarm system or local smoke detectors to initiate the dropping of the shutter curtain

Available Modes of Activation


a) Self closing by means of a fusible link activated at a temperature of 68℃ and fitted to the underside of the hood.

b) Shutter closing is initiated by means of a 24-volt solenoid release device connected to the fire alarm or smoke detector system and which automatically resets when the shutter curtain is fully opened by pressing the “up” button and when the alarm has been turned off. Option of mechanical fused link back up available.


a) Fused link activation activated at 68℃ which sends a signal to a relay to close the shutter under power down from the mains supply or from the battery backup unit.

b) Shutter closing is initiated by means of a fire alarm relay which mimics the action of a solenoid on a conventional shutter and powers down the shutter from the mains supply or from the battery backup unit. A volt free normally open signal is required from the fire alarm.

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