Fire Rated Shutters: The Unsung Heroes of Fire Safety

Fire shutters play a vital role in fire safety of buildings and industrial premises. Their correct specifications, installation and use is paramount to the safety of all those who use the facility.

Fire shutters are the unsung heroes of the fire safety because for most of their working lives they just work like any other doors. However, if fire breaks out, a fire shutter must fulfill its role as an engineered safety device, in order to hold back the spread of fire and smoke and to save lives and property.

Fire rated doors / shutters are applied in various places such as industrial, commercial, institutional, and retail projects where fire protection is required. We take fire shutters for granted. We need to regularly check that all parts continue to function correctly without compromise.

We expect a jobbing builder or small contractor to be able to install a complex engineered fire safety device. What he doesn't realize is ALL of the components have to be able to work together to ensure the shutter assembly will work effectively in the event of a fire. Certified fire shutters with proper fitting is necessary to avoid any damage to property and lives.

Importance of Fire Rated Rolling Shutters

If you are running a business, then you should be very careful regarding fire incidents. At that time fire protection systems are a fundamental necessity in running a business as fire can easily sweep away everything you have worked so hard for. It is one of the greatest enemies of various organizations, especially organizations including shopping centers, hospitals, school canteens, restaurants etc.

A proficient framework for fire prevention must be created to secure the business property against fire. Different sorts of equipment should work hand in hand to limit the damage that fires can cause. Our Fire rated rolling shutters are among the modern equipment that is used to compartmentalize a building in order to help prevent the fire from spreading. Only here you get the best fire rated rolling shutters!

Our organization is delicately engaged in the business of supplying Fire rated rolling shutters. It is manufactured using high grade galvanized steel, our whole range is planned in consistence with worldwide quality measures.

Fire Shutters / Doors by Gandhi automation are engineered carefully with feature below: -

Auto - Closing Mechanism

Fire doors / shutters designed by Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd are equipped with fusible link mechanism. Upon sensing a temperature of 74℃, the fusible link mechanism releases the brake of the motor and allows it to descend by gravity. The operating system can be directly wired for activation by fire alarm system or smoke detectors.

Sturdy Construction

Fire Doors / Shutters are constructed from cold rolled Galvalume / Galvanized Steel / Stainless Steel laths with a minimum thickness of 0.9 mm. The interlocked profiles are securely held using specially designed profile ends which act as a curtain alignment system thus eliminating lateral movement of the profiles. Fire shutters / doors designed by Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd can resist fire up-to 4 hours. Gandhi and Warringtonfire (AUSTRALIA) Pty Ltd which comply with BS 476: Part 22: 1987 standards for stability and integrity for up to 4 hours.


Frequent inspection / maintenance of the components is of utmost importance. At Gandhi Automations our maintenance team checks that all parts continue to function correctly without compromise. Designed and constructed to suit a full range of industrial and commercial applications. All doors are provided complete with electric operation and normally linked to the fire alarm system or local smoke detectors to initiate the dropping of the shutter curtain

Available Modes of Activation


a) Self closing by means of a fusible link activated at a temperature of 68℃ and fitted to the underside of the hood.

b) Shutter closing is initiated by means of a 24-volt solenoid release device connected to the fire alarm or smoke detector system and which automatically resets when the shutter curtain is fully opened by pressing the "up" button and when the alarm has been turned off. Option of mechanical fused link back up available.


a) Fused link activation activated at 68℃ which sends a signal to a relay to close the shutter under power down from the mains supply or from the battery backup unit.

b) Shutter closing is initiated by means of a fire alarm relay which mimics the action of a solenoid on a conventional shutter and powers down the shutter from the mains supply or from the battery backup unit. A volt free normally open signal is required from the fire alarm.

Refrigerated Warehouse Makes Every Doorway Count - New facility's doors separate ambient, refrigerated and freezer storage to reduce energy consumption while optimizing uptime

Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd is one of the leading diversified suppliers to the pharma sector, serving pan India customer accounts in more than 23 cities. Clean room doors (Prime Clean Reset) are designed for inside applications requiring limitation of leak flow. The perfect sealing properties of Prime Clean Reset provide environmental control and protect the inside environment against draughts, dust and dirt. Clean room doors provided by us also has self- repairing system.

One of the most imperative aspects of clean rooms is the Door you choose for clean room facility. Time for which door is open will play a critical factor in avoiding dirt, temperature, humidity etc. Opening and closure of door has to quick enough to isolate the two areas.

At Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd we provide Clean Room High Speed Doors specifically designed for above purpose. Our Clean Room High Speed Doors are best suited for pharma industries where you need to have controlled environment. The opening and closing of door are fast enough to separate two areas.

In the high-volume, 24/7 facility, turns in the cooler happen twice a day and, in the freezer, inventory turns occur every day and a half. With traffic streaming in and out of the building through 47 dock doors, losing a single high-traffic door could severely jeopardize deliveries.

Prime Freeze High Speed Doors are a perfect solution where cold storage with negative temperatures to as low as −22℉ is required. The curtain is made of reinforced PVC vinyl with heated side guides. Optionally a special and innovative insulated flexible curtain is also available. High Speed Freezer Doors are the solution when temperature control is critical and where forklift traffic is high.

High-Speed Freezer Duo not only helps maintain temperature but also in human safety. High-Speed Freezer Doors have a revolutionary soft bottom edge and sensor combine to ensure operator safety at all times. High-Speed Freezer Duo doors curated by Gandhi Automations are sturdy, dependable and an ideal fit for maintaining temperature control. To prevent ice formation during intensive cooling, the high-speed freezer duo doors have a functionality of partial and full opening. Its intelligent dual curtain technology - simultaneous open-and-close operation has blower/dryer to maintain temperature balance.

Fast door speed also reduces the likelihood of panel collisions with tall-mast forklifts. In the event of a collision, the self-repairing system automatically resets the panel back into its guide without human intervention.

To avoid accidental contact with door panels, an LED safety light system along the door columns warns employees when the door is about to close and when it is actually closing. Two photo eyes, (cells) a dual-pneumatic reversing edge and threshold warning lights will reverse the descending door panel if an employee is in the doorway.

Gandhi Automations Spearheading Operational Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing Loading Bay & Entrance Automation for the Rising E-commerce Industry

E-commerce is evolving to be the most feasible shop from home to the world; the smart way to do shopping for catching up with this fast-paced life. The time is far gone when it used to take 7-10 days for the ordered item to arrive. It has now come down to the next day to less than 4 hours in some special cases. The delay time in response of 4 hours has come down to less than 4 minutes.

Without a doubt, E-commerce has emerged as one of the biggest logistical cynosures of the century, from wholesalers to retailers every business model is adapting to operate and manage expectations of different kinds of customers more than ever.

E-commerce has changed the way we all shop, and Gandhi Automations Entrance Automation is adding intrinsic value to its seamless operations, warehousing and loading/unloading needs and solutions. Gandhi Automations entrance automation & loading bay solutions are nurturing warehousing & logistical industries from over a decade now.

Last financial year, Gandhi Automations aided the biggest shark in the E-commerce industry to help reduce their loading/ unloading time, adapting to their in-house operations and meeting their new expectations; as consumers are no longer willing to wait for 1 - 2 weeks for a delivery. Because of these fast delivery options, the warehouse and logistics industry are under high pressure to deliver the best in a short span.

Gandhi Automations High-Speed Doors are versatile and solid ensuring long-lasting reliability for fast-moving industries and goods like E-commerce. The modular structure of the curtains, assembled and joined by anodized aluminum extrusions, provides for a wide range of polyester sections available in a variety of colors. Wide, full-width window panels ensure a safer traffic and allow more light in. Their fast and easy replacement, in case of accidental tearing, saves money and time. The alternating metal tubular structure there inserted ensures high wind-resistance.

Prime High-Speed Doors are the ideal solution for internal and external entrances and effectively operate in any situation, even when strong winds are blowing and in rooms with high volume traffic. Sturdy and dependable, Prime is the intelligent door for medium and large entrances.

Due to the increasing demand in the Cold storage and FMCG warehousing facilities, Gandhi Automations launched Prime Freezer Doors which are specially curated to be sturdy, dependable and are the ideal solution where temperature control is critical and safety concerns are at a premium. The doors are manufactured with European collaboration and technology with innovative and creative engineering.

The high operating speed combined with an excellent seal optimizes the internal traffic flow and provide energy savings. Heavy-duty motor: 400V three phase, opening speed up to 2.5 m/s with inverter system. Suitable for both positive and negative temperature, operating temperature range +5 to -350 C. Prime Freezer Door has special double curtain construction with insulation.

The increased demand on the industry means that both upgrades to and construction of distribution premises are at a record high, and loading bay requirements are having to be reconsidered. E-commerce industry delivers goods faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost. Thus, this industry ought to possess entrance automation and loading bay equipments from a company like Gandhi Automations which not only intends to provide unbeaten quality and but also an unparalleled output.

The retractable PVC front panel Dock Shelters are commonly used. With its simplicity and efficiency, it grants for a constant payback of the investment. These are available for dock level installation or for ground level installation for the protection of doors without the dock. The front panels are made of high resistance black PVC reinforced with a double weaving of polyester that works like a spring in order to seal the vehicles of different shapes. The flaps are flexible and have very high wear and tear resistance. Designed to retract under the shock of any possible wrong maneuvers of the docking vehicles and extend when the vehicle drives away.

Two masterstrokes: Gandhi Automations bagged two of the most prestigious awards at the 12th Edition Express Logistics & Supply Chain Awards 2018.

With excellence in customer service, driving continuous innovation & manufacturing highly qualified engineered products the directors Samir Gandhi & Kartik Gandhi of Gandhi Automations Pvt Ltd are recognized with the Exemplary Leadership and Best-in-class Loading bay Equipment company.

It is indeed a proud & humbling moment for us.

Quality, Dedication and Perseverance pay dividend in due course @GandhiAutomations we believe in this and have hence bagged the prestigious SME100 Award. Proud and humbled to be awarded and share the stage with the TOP 100 SME's in India.

Overwhelmed with the positive response at R+T, Messe Stuttgart-Germany; World's leading trade fair for rolling shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems

We are proud to announce that we have successfully completed the stages of transition of ISO 9001 of our Integrated Management System to New Standards (ISO 9001 : 2015, ISO 14001 : 2015 & BS OHSAS 18001 : 2007).

With this prestigious certification, our clients can be assured and confident to work with a company providing Quality, Health & Safety in services that have been internationally recognized.

This certification, represents our commitment to provide high quality competitive services that meet customer requirements and to achieve their satisfaction at all times through the implementation and the improvement of high quality standards while being committed to the areas of environmental protection and occupational health and safety.

We are very pleased to share this great news with all of you, so please have a look.

Gandhi Automations bags Best Warehouse Doors and Dock Levellers Company Award at India Cargo Awards - North & East
20, December 2017, New Delhi

Gandhi Automations Private Limited bagged an award for 'Best Warehouse Doors and Dock Levellers Company' in the third edition of the India Cargo Awards - North & East. These awards were conferred at The Lalit, New Delhi on December 20, 2017. Mr. Salman Khurshid, former Cabinet Minister for External Affairs, former Cabinet Minister for Law and Justice and Minority Affairs graced this event with his astute presence as a Chief Guest. The ceremony saw the august presence of the leaders and runners of the cargo industry.

We hereby thank all our customers, prospects, organizing committee and the individuals who voted for us during the voting process and played a significant role in seizing this award. Recognition and appreciation motivate us to aim for higher standards. A constant commitment towards research on best technology is further amplified with such Awards. This enables us to enhance our product line or to introduce a new product based on our research.

Gandhi Automation congratulates rest 38 winners and also nominated organizations who were competing for this award. We acknowledge the efforts by the entire team of DDP Publications Private Limited to organize and deliver an excellent event and gathering the Industry stalwarts at one venue.

Dual laurels for Gandhi Automations at Express Logistics & Supply Chain Leadership Awards 2017
4 October 2017, Mumbai

Gandhi Automations Private Limited bagged dual awards for Best-In-Class Loading Bay Equipment Company and Exemplary Leadership Award to Mr. Samir Gandhi, Managing Director of the company, for his outstanding contribution serving the industry with commitment, expertise, integrity and passion. The Express Logistics & Supply Chain Leadership Awards 2017 were held at 11th Express Logistics & Supply Chain Conclave, conceived and managed by Kamikaze B2B Media at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

On receiving the award, Mr. Samir Gandhi, Managing Director, Gandhi Automations Private Limited, expressed, "Gandhi Automations is glad to serve the industry and stand tall as a trusted partner for past 21 years into Entrance Automation and Loading Bay Equipment. We continue to evolve and deliver the best to our customers." With 70% market share and more than 100,000 installations globally, Gandhi Automations are recognized as pioneers in delivering solutions for Entrance Automation and Loading Bay Equipment in India. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing customized Entrance Automation Systems and Loading Bay Equipment products comply with the highest safety standards accompanied with reliability and energy efficiency.

It is an astute leadership and expertise of Directors - Mr. Samir Gandhi & Mr. Kartik Gandhi, who passionately drives their commitment to quality and further towards customers by exceeding all expectations. Gandhi Automations invested strategically into R&D, factory and warehouse further reinforced with European collaboration and technology since two decades delivering innovative and creative engineered products.

Lastly, the conclave, in its 11th edition touched numerous topics on digitization, challenges, best practices, regulations, global trends, procurement, automation and equipment.


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