Rapid Roll up Doors manufactured by Gandhi Automations (Prime Door) are fast, durable, energy saver and are engineered for all kind of industrial application. Prime Doors are used where a sections of the facilities have to be isolated from other section. This simple curtain design of door aids in quick opening and closure of Rapid Doors and ensure effective protection of the against heat, dust, humidity and temperature. Gandhi Rapid Door aids you in meeting your operation’s targets. Save energy, decrease total operational costs, restructure traffic flow and improve logistics. We’ve designed our rapid doors to be safe, dependable and maintenance-free, conferring to all international standards.

  • Classic Design with Modular Panels
  • Designed for continuous, high speed- high frequency operations
  • Self-supporting construction with in-built anti-crash protection system
  • Smooth and noise-free operation cycles
  • Modular interchangeable panels make it easy to maintain and replace worn /damage panels
  • Can be customized with modular Mesh sections / transparent PVC sections for ventilation, natural light while ensuring pest & bird free environment
  • Guides include friction-resistance vertical seals made from semi-hard PVC
  • Advanced and robust control device
Technical Specifications
Door Type : Roll-up
Use Internal Door Standard
Door Sizes
(in mm)
Max PL upto 6000
Max PH upto 6000
Speed Inverter Motion system to adjust different speeds, with progressive control of acceleration & deceleration during braking
Opening Speed upto 2.0 m/s
Closing Speed 0.5 m/s
Security Features EN 13241-1 Standard
Resistance to Wind Load EN 12424 Class 2
Curtain Stabilisation /
Wind Load
Aluminium Standard
Curtain Fabric 0.9 – 1.5 mm Standard
Transparent PVC Section 2.0 mm Standard
Guide Structure Material
/ Surface
Galvanised Steel Standard
Aluminium / Stainless Steel 304 / 316 matt finish Optional
Shaft / Operator Cover Straight Optional
Operator and Control Connecting Voltage 230V-1ph, N
415V-3ph, N
Open-Stop-Close Button Standard
Protection Category (Operator / Control) IP 54 / IP 65
Emergency-OFF Button Optional
Closing Zone Monitoring Light Grille IP 67 Optional
External Route Monitoring Photocell Standard
Door area Monitoring Radar Presence Detector Optional
Induction Loop Optional
Bottom Wireless Safety Edge System Standard
Electronic Limit Switch Standard
Emergency Opening Crank Handle Standard
Standard Curtain Colours Blue Similar to RAL 5010 Red Similar to RAL 3002
Yellow Similar to RAL 1018 Grey Similar to RAL 7035
Orange Similar to RAL 2004 White Similar to RAL 9003
Black Similar to RAL 9005 Green Similar to RAL 6026
Optional Mesh Curtain Colours Black Similar to RAL 9005 Bronze Green Similar to RAL 6031

*Customised printed curtain is available on request.

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