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Cold Reset

Prime Cold Reset High Speed Door is made of energy efficient insulated curtain mainly for temperature -controlled warehouses, fresh & cold logistics.

Ideal for intensive use in positive temperature above 0.5ºC helps in minimizing condensation.

The curtain guide system provides protection against loss of heat, ensuring an excellent insulation in rooms - between inside & outside environment.

Technical Specifications

Door Type Roll-up
Use Internal Standard
Door Sizes Max PL upto
Max PH upto
4000 mm
4000 mm
Speed Inverter Motion system to adjust different speeds, with progressive control of acceleration & deceleration during braking
Opening Speed upto 2.0 m/s
Closing Speed 0.5 m/s
Security Features EN 13241-1 Standard
Resistance to Wind Load EN 12424 Class 2
Thermal Transmittance EN 12428 4.0 W/m2K
Curtain Fabric0.9 - 1.5 mm Standard
Insulated Fabric 3.0 mm Standard
Side Guide UHMWPE 1000 Standard
Guide Structure Material / Surface Aluminium Standard
Galvanised Steel 304 / 316 matt finish Optional
Shaft / Operator Cover Straight Standard
Operator and Control Connecting Voltage 230V – 1ph, N
Open-Stop-Close Button Standard
Protection Category (Operator / Control) IP 54 / IP 65
Emergency-OFF Button Optional
Closing Zone MonitoringLight Grille IP 67 Optional
External Route Monitoring Inbuilt Photocell Standard
Door area MonitoringRadar Presence Detector Optional
Induction Loop Optional
Electronic Limit Switch Standard
Emergency Opening Crank Handle Standard
Standard Curtain Colours
External White Similar to RAL 9003 Internal White Similar to RAL 9010

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