Pneumatic Dock Leveler

The RDL-N Model – Pneumatic Dock Leveler offers next generation pneumatic (Air) technology to advance loading bay performance and reliability.

The high-volume, low-pressure air lifting system is a environmentally friendly alternative to oil-powered hydraulics. The air bags can operate in extreme temperature conditions and withstand pressure without over-inflating. Their PVC-coated polyester fibers make the bags resistant to chemical or puncture damage.

Technical Specifications

Standard dimensions in mm of the BASE types, 6t point load.

Model Platform Width Platform Length LIP Length PIT Width PIT Height
RDL-N 2025 2000 2500 410 2040 550
RDL-N 2030 2000 3000 410 2040 550
RDL-N 2225 2200 2500 410 2240 550
RDL-N 2230 2200 3000 410 2240 550

*Other dimensions available on request.

Download Brochure

Gandhi Product Brochure

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