Trio Telescopic Lip Dock Leveler

Trio Telescopic Lip Dock Leveler is the ideal solution for loading bays catering to varied sizes of vehicles, from smaller pick-up trucks & vans to large trucks & trailers while maintaining maximum efficiency and safety.

TTDL is a model wherein the lip is divided into 3 parts, each of which is telescopic in nature, with the capability to extend itself all the way up to 500mm in length, providing a larger contact area between the vehicle bed and dock leveler.

This dock leveler also provides uniformity by compensating height difference between loading dock leveler and vehicles of all sizes through its best excursion range.

Technical Specifications

Standard dimensions in mm of the BASE type, 6t point load (15t evenly distributed).

Model Platform Width Platform Length LIP Length PIT Width PIT Height
TTDL 2030 2000 3000 500 2040 960
TTDL 2035 2000 3500 500 2040 1160
TTDL 2040 2000 4000 500 2040 1160

*other dimensions available on request.

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